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SUSAN HESS LOGEAIS brings her passion as a social activist to her work as a filmmaker, creating thought provoking and inspiring films. Her background as a dancer, actress and perpetual student allows her to craft stories that do more than entertain. She also blends the knowledge and understanding earned from over 30 years of spiritual exploration with her technical experience as a filmmaker to create projects that draw the viewer into a heartfelt experience of the story. 

Through her production company Hot Flash Films PDX, she has written and directed two documentaries – The Way of the Psychonaut and SOAR, and wrote and produced an award winning narrative feature – Not Dead Yet.


Although Susan graduated early to pursue ballet, her love of learning never stopped. Her fascination with non-ordinary states of consciousness inspired her to explore fire walking, bioenergetics, flotation tanks, Forrest Yoga, shamanic journey work, A Course in Light,  and Vipassana.


In her mid-fifties, Susan enrolled in college so that she might ground over two decades of profound experiences in a scientific paradigm. 

Neurophysiology, quantum physics, and ancient spiritual traditions were her passions, earning her a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a concentration in Transformational Entertainment and Human Consciousness. During the course of producing The Way of the Psychonaut with Stanislav Grof, she enrolled in the Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness program at CIIS, where she is completing her Masters. Most recently, she completed the Earthship Biotecture Academy, a month long training in Taos, New Mexico.


Susan's background as a performer – be it ballet, modeling, or acting – puts her at ease in front of a camera or a crowd. Although she still acts, her main focus now is presenting the information she has explored, and engaging with the experts whose work she has studied.

As an interviewer, she knows how to research a topic and then engage with her subjects so that critical information is shared. As a presenter, she can articulate her understanding of a variety of subjects in a way that connects with the audience, whatever their background.

In the summer or 2020, she co-hosted a streaming series of full length interviews followed by Q&As, and more recently has designed a six part tribute to Stanislav Grof for Ubiquity University's Humanity Rising web series.


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During the course of making The Way of the Psychonaut, Susan had numerous psychedelic experiences using a variety of medicines.  She also participated in several breathwork sessions, as both a sitter and a breather. This direct experience of non-ordinary states, and the access they provided to dimensions of consciousness, has profoundly impacted her understanding of reality. The combination of those experiences, and her interviews with visionaries whose theories inform the new paradigm of science, has expanded her worldview and given her the words to describe it. 

One of Susan's greatest joys comes from assisting people in reaching their full potential. Whether it's coaching non-professional actors of all ages to prepare for performances, creating events that draw people together in celebration of a solar eclipse, designing programming to share information, or planning games for a party – she embraces opportunities to build community through a shared goal or passion.

Now she hopes to use those skills to create a learning opportunity through the construction of an Earthship and permaculture garden. Working with Earthship Biotecture, she plans to host a two month field study, where graduates of the Earthship Academy, or those new to the concepts, will participate in building her family's shelter. Her goal is to involve the local schools, colleges, and building professionals so they can witness firsthand working with repurposed materials, directing grey water to irrigate an indoor greenhouse, and using thermal mass for heating and cooling.


Eternal Student
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