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The Way of the Psychonaut


THE WAY OF THE PSYCHONAUT explores the life and work of Stanislav Grof, Czech-born psychiatrist and psychedelic psychotherapy pioneer. Stan’s quest for knowledge and insights into the healing power of non-ordinary states of consciousness, influenced the discipline of psychology and profoundly changed many individual lives. One of those transformed by Stan is filmmaker Susan Hess Logeais. The documentary utilizes Susan’s personal existential crisis as a gateway to Grof’s impact, from the micro to the macro.


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SOAR explores the relationship between two sisters: Kiera, a quadruple amputee who lost her limbs at age two, and Uriah, who was born a month before her sister contracted pneumococcal sepsis. The film celebrates Kiera’s accomplishments as a dancer, choreographer and nurse, while highlighting the deeply loving relationship between the sisters.

Not Dead Yet


NOT DEAD YET is a dramedy about life, hot flashes and profound re-awakenings. Three women join forces to revive their acting careers, only to find themselves on a quest for something far more important. Frustrated by the lack of roles for women over 40, they decide to create their own film, starring themselves. As the project spins out of control, the result of unwittingly hiring a kinky director, so do their lives.


Mystic Journey

In this tale of magic and bravery, children from around the world find themselves in a parallel universe where they meet a wise old woman. Armed with only courage and compassion, they must recover her powerful emerald from a cruel giant in order to bring her dead land back to life.

Mystic Journey was given to Susan during a shamanic journey, when she asked what stories need to be told. The journey unfolded with vivid imagery that caused her to write down every detail. Twenty-seven years later, she hired Brian Bloss to illustrate what she had seen. 

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